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    ​Winter Weather Preparedness

    Texas Winters can be an adventure. Our temperatures and weather can change quickly. It's important that you and your households are prepared for all kinds of weather. 

    The basics for all preparedness is: 

    • Know the hazard 
    • Build a Kit
    • Make a Plan
    With winter weather you want to think about freezing temperatures, wind, and winter weather like sleet and snow and prepare for that. 

    • Have at least three (3) days of food, water, medicine, etc. for each member of your family and pets
    • Have ways to keep warm including closing blinds or curtains and layers of clothing 
    • Don't travel if  you don't have to
    • In the case of power outages, don't open the fridge or freezer if you don't have to
    • Have battery powered radios, back up power for devices and medical equipment
    • If you have a generator, run it outside with plenty of ventilation
    • Check space heaters for frayed wires, keep stable and away from flammables, if not electric, use plenty of ventilation
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    For more information on preparedness, download the Winter Weather Preparedness PDF in English or Spanish or check out our Get Prepared Page at https://dallascityhall.com/departments/officeemergencymanagement/Pages/Get-Prepared.aspx