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    ​Winter Weather Preparedness

    During winter weather you want to think about freezing temperatures, wind,  sleet, and snow so you can then build a kit, and make a plan so you, your family, and pets have the appropriate items to whether winter weather. Take a look at the tips below to ensure you're winter weather prepared. 

    Preparedness for People and Pets:

    Preparedness includes being ready for all People and pets in your family, including having the right items to whether winter weather. Consider stocking and restocking 3-days' worth of the following items, per person, in conditions where power or water may not be accessible:

    • Personal Hygiene Kits (baby wipes, etc.)
    • Food - non-perishable and non-heated
    • Water - 1 gallon per day- per person
    • Medication
    • Assistive Devices - wheelchairs, oxygen, etc. (backup power, spares)
    • Batteries/power banks
    • First aid kit and tools
    • Paper/plastic dishware, cleaning supplies/trash bags
    • Winter Weather Clothing (warm layers)
    • Cash
    • Important documents
    • Pets should also have a supply of food and water for three days, vet and chip records, and kennel/ bedding, leash, and collar

    Home Safety:

    Homes should be prepared for severe winter weather. Consider purchasing a back up generator (must be kept outside in ventilated areas), to have in the event of power outages. Consider having the following additional items:

    • Space Heaters- must be kept away from flammable items
    • During severe weather, wrap your pipes and keep faucets dripping. Trap heat by blocking door and window drafts with blankets or towels
    • Carbon monoxide and fire detectors should be installed, and batteries replaced

    Power Outages:

    Have you planned for power and water outages during winter weather? Consider the following safety tips:

    • Keep a light on to know when power is restored

    • Turn off all electronics

    • Keep refrigerator/freezer closed as much as possible.
      • Refrigerator good for 4 hours
      • Freezer up to about 24 hours
      • Throw out all warm food
    • Have alternate ways to keep medicine cold and assistive devices running - like spare batteries/power packs
    • Use flashlights or glowsticks for alternate light instead of candles


    Do you have backup methods for receiving information during severe winter weather, including during a power outage? Consider purchasing a NOAA weather radio that's hand cranked or battery powered. Additionally, sign up for the following emergency alerts and warnings:

    • Outdoor Warning System
    • City of Dallas and City of Dallas Office of Emergency Management Social Medias
    • Emergency Alerts Phone Apps (FEMA App, American Red Cross App, The Weather Channel App)

    Road Safety:

    Automobiles should be prepared to whether severe winter weather. Ensure your vehicle is up to date on maintenance and winter or all-weather tires. If you must travel during severe weather, slow down and keep extra distance between cars. Pump brakes to slow down, instead of slamming on the brakes. Turn into a skid if you slide and inform an emergency contact of your route. Consider having the following emergency kits in your vehicle:

    • Water
    • Snacks
    • Power bank
    • Blankets
    • Jumper cables
    • Emergency signals
    • De- Icers (Sand, rock salt, or chemical ice melt)
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