Planning & Urban Design

​Greater Casa View Area Plan



Year of Adoption: December 2016

Council District: 9


This Greater Casa View study area is bounded by Garland Road to the west; Interstate 635 to the north; La Prada Drive, Oates Drive, and Ferguson Road to the east; and Peavy Road and Buckner Road to the south.


The project visioning focus areas are development opportunities, streetscape and greenspace, Harry Stone Recreation Center, and gateways and identity. At the heart of this plan is the central theme of connecting the Casa View to the rest of the city - to the urban core, to White Rock Lake, to the City of Garland.


The plan is a stepping stone for the transformation of the Greater Casa View Area. It is intended as a road map to cast a vision for the future of the neighborhood and to help the community clearly articulate its needs and desires.

The Greater Casa View Alliance (GCVA) was established in 2010 as a "super-neighborhood group" composed of neighborhood leaders and business owners with the objective of unifying far-east Dallas neighborhoods. The need for a guiding plan for this area became evident to leaders of the GCVA, who initiated a volunteer-led and community-informed planning process. City of Dallas staff from the Department of Planning and Urban Design provided oversight and guidance throughout the Greater Casa View Area Plan effort.  This is a neighborhood-driven area planning effort and is to be used as a planning and implementation guide for future development in the area.

The Greater Casa View Area has the opportunity to be the model for the rest of the City of Dallas what neighborhood involvement looks like and how to transform while maintaining the inherent qualities that make the community unique. The plan is not a road map for gentrification and tear-downs, but rather a guide for how to improve the existing assets in a real and tangible way. It encourages sustainability throughout and above all pleads for connectivity. This neighborhood is rich with citizens who are obsessively in love with Dallas. They have the means to live elsewhere, but their desire for an urban environment dictates their dwelling decisions. As a result, they desire to be one with the city, and not forgotten about. Connectivity is the key way to implement this, and this plan clearly creates those connections.

Download Plan: Greater Casa View Area Plan

Additional Information:

Casa View is one of eleven Neighborhood Plus Target Areas. The Neighborhood Plus Plan is a citywide  neighborhood revitalization plan with six strategic goals: collective impact, alleviating poverty, fighting blight, attracting and retaining the middle class, expanding homeownership, and enhancing rental options.

The Garland Road Vision study was created for the enhancement of both operational function and aesthetic character along the Garland Road corridor. This project is a community-led area planning initiative, following the neighborhood planning framework defined in the "forwardDallas!" Comprehensive Plan.

A Thoroughfare Plan Amendment was adopted in 2016 to reduce Gus Thomasson from six lanes to four lanes. This "road diet" promotes traffic calming and an enhanced public realm.