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​Garland Road Vision Study





Year of Adoption: November 2010

Council District: 9


Garland Road is one of the key gateways to the City of Dallas from the northeast. Garland Rd (SH 78) connects East Dallas to the Dallas Central Business District (CBD), the corridor links many of the most desirable and beautiful neighborhoods in the City and serves at the primary gateway to White Rock Lake. The 5.5-mile-long project study area focuses on the properties, typically within one block north and south of Garland Road, between the intersection of Garland Road and I-635, and ending at the intersection of Garland Road and Gaston Avenue, south of the White Rock Lake Spillway.


The Consensus Vision includes three components.

The Future Land Development Vision, which focuses on new development opportunities, redevelopment opportunities, and opportunities to enhance the existing uses that will remain.

The Future Circulation Vision, which focuses on a series of overriding recommendations related to pedestrian, bicycle, automobile and transit modes. 

Beautification, looks at opportunities for enhancing the Garland Road Corridor through the use of urban design elements including landscaping, special paving, street furnishings and public art. 


The Garland Road Vision study was created for the enhancement of both operational function and aesthetic character along the Garland Road corridor. This project is a community - led area planning initiative, following the neighborhood planning framework defined in the "forwardDallas!" Comprehensive Plan. As one of the initiatives approved by City Council as the model for future growth of the City of Dallas. The vision study was initiated and funded through a sustainable development grant from the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) Regional Transportation Council (RTC), and local matching funds raised by the GRV Advisory Committee.

Strategic Opportunity Vision Area plans were developed for four sites along the Garland Road corridor intended to indicate in more detail, the types of development desired in the future Garland Road corridor. The recommendations for implementation in the Garland Road Corridor are divided into two primary types: corridor-wide and specific area studies. They are separated to provide a clear map for residents, business owners and community leaders regarding future actions necessary to achieve the defined overall vision.

Download Plan: Garland Road Vision Study

Additional Information:

The Garland Road Vision Study was awarded funding through the Sustainable Development Funding Program of the North Central Texas Council of Government's Regional Transportation Council. The purpose of this program is to promote sustainable growth and development by planning for the implementation of land use and transportation integration, smart growth, and other sustainable development principles.

The Greater Casa View Area Plan is a neighborhood-driven area planning effort and will be used as a planning and implementation guide for future development in the area.