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​Dallas Zoo Area Land Use Study

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Year of Adoption: December 2001

Council District: 4


The study area is bounded by R.L. Thornton Freeway (I-35E) to the north and west, Cedar Creek and Fernwood Ave. to the east and Winters Street and Cedar Creek to the south.  


The Dallas Zoo Area Land Use Study is a vision plan for the Dallas Zoo Area community, with an overall goal that focuses on revitalization strategies and policy guidance for future growth and development in this area.


The Dallas Zoo Area Land Use Study included a review of existing conditions, an analysis of the issues were identified by community stakeholders and by the findings of the study team. Five goals and objectives were suggested by the steering committee, below are the list of the goals and objectives, along with a brief description of recommendations.

1). Create a Revitalization Plan, 2). Improve Community Infrastructure, 3). Encourage Economic Development, 4). Improve Community Transportation, and 5). Create Implementation Strategies and Recommended Actions. 

An analysis of land use and conditions revealed revitalization is linked to the stability of uses in the area and growth requires supportive land use and zoning compatibility. Recommendations included: discouraging residential hotels as these were deemed an incompatible compatible land use and encouraging additional single-family housing on vacant land, as well as community service oriented, retail and restaurant uses. Economic development recommendations included concentration on Beckley Avenue. Recommended transportation and infrastructure improvements included pedestrian and bicycle connections from Ewing and Beckley Avenues and along Clarendon Drive, periodic debris removal for Cedar Creek and area wide sidewalk improvements.

Download: Dallas Zoo Area Land Use Study

Additional Information:  The Wynnewood Urban Design Strategy and the Tenth Street Neighborhood zoning are adjacent to this plan area. Created prior to the 2001 Dallas Zoo Land Use Study (October 1993), the Tenth Street Neighborhood (PD 388) helps preserve neighborhood character and provides policy guidance for future development. This neighborhood partially resides in the (northern section) of the Dallas Zoo Land Use Study area.