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East Kleberg Land Use Plan

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Year of Adoption: May 2003

Council District: 8


The East Kleberg Land Use Study Area (1,476 acres), is located east of the IH 635 and I-20 Highway Intersection and Belt Line Road, south of Interstate 20, north of Stark Road and the Dallas city limits and northwest of Seagoville Road. 


The East Kleberg Steering Committee has drafted the following vision statement to express the community's preferable outcome regarding growth and resiliency; to "promote a strong rural atmosphere, yet allow for future growth to develop with sensitivity to amenities and infrastructure of an urban environment".


In 2002 the Dallas City Council directed staff to determine proper zoning of the East Kleberg area based on a review of existing land uses. At that time, about 55 percent of the land area was vacant or zoned as agricultural, about 24 percent had manufactured home sub-divisions, and about 11 had single-family homes. The Needs Assessment process identified strengths, weaknesses, desires, threats and opportunities. Land Use and Zoning was considered the highest priorityto guide development and inform policy decisions. Other issues such as water, waste water, infrastructure, transportation, crime prevention and public safety, code compliance, economic development and housing all merited a series of policy statements which are incorporated into the plan. The East Kleberg advocates for a gradual transition from manufactured home subdivisions to more single family residential in the "R-7.5 (A)" zoning to help diversify housing options and to improve community character and stability. 


East Kleberg Land Use Plan

Additional Information: 

Adopted in April 2007, the West Kleberg Community Plan focuses on the visioning, recognizing the historical heritage and rural character of the former town of Kleberg, as well as recommendations for context sensitivity regarding future growth.

Adopted in 1999, the I-20 Freeway Corridor Land Use Plan addresses future economic development, transportation, public utility and other public / private development initiatives extending east to Belt Line Road and within ¼ mile of the freeway corridor also informing policy decisions for the (northern portion) of the East Kleberg Land Use Study Area. 

Adopted in August 2016, Planned Development 969 covers 62 acres in size and is located along Lasater Road (southern portion) of the East Kleberg Land Use Plan area. The primary purpose for this PD is for defining R-7.5 (A) single family residential development, supportive of the desired development type, as described in the East Kleberg Land Use Plan.