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​West Kleberg Community Plan

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Year of adoption:  April, 2007

Council District: 8


The West Kleberg community is located in the far southeastern section of the City of Dallas, bordering the cities of Seagoville, Balch Springs, and unincorporated areas of Dallas County. It is generally located south of Interstate-20, and bounded on the east by Stark Road and Dallas city limit; on the south by Seagoville city limit and the Dallas County; and on the west by St. Augustine and Haymarket Roads.


The Vision for the West Kleberg Community Plan is to reflect "Old Kleberg's" historical heritage, by promotion a strong rural atmosphere still allowing for future growth to occur that is sensitive to this context.


This plan was developed through a partnership with the Advisory Committee, City staff and other agencies. Committee stakeholder members and City staff worked to identify community "needs" and "desires". The Advisory Committee facilitated citizen participation through activities such as a 'Visioning Activity' which allowed citizens to depict the types of businesses and services the community would like to see.

The result was a consensus agreement on the goals and objectives for the West Kleberg Community Plan, which also complemented the goals of the City's Comprehensive Plan,  forwardDallas!, which was in development at the time.  The plan informes how land use should develop, future zoning and describes two catalyst projects focusing on U.S. 175  as mixed use corridor.

Download Plan: West Kleberg Community Plan

Additional Supportive Information:

Southeast Dallas and Kleberg community stakeholders participated in previous studies before the West Kleberg plan which helped inform the direction of this plan. These studies include the East Kleberg Land Use Plan (2003), I-20 Freeway Corridor Land Use Plan (2000) and the Southeast Dallas Comprehensive Land Use Study (2002).