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​Valley View Galleria Area Plan



Year of Adoption: May 2013

Council District: 11


The Valley View – Galleria Area Plan, also known as 'Mid-Town' covers the area between Southern Boulevard to the north, Preston Road to the east, LBJ Freeway to the south, and the Dallas North Tollway to the west.


The role of the vision is to inspire high quality, new development and redevelopment in this significant regional center of Dallas to ensure long term economic vibrancy and environmental sustainability.  A key goal is to encourage development patterns that can sustain an intense mix of activities within the area including living, working, shopping, entertainment and recreation, while promoting sustainable infrastructure systems that can support these activities efficiently without causing undue impacts on surrounding areas.  The Valley View - Galleria Area Vision seeks to build upon the existing assets in the district while encouraging redevelopment of the portions of the study area that are in decline.  There are three key organizing elements in the Vision - Open Space, Streets, and Midtown Center.


The Valley View – Galleria Area Plan establishes a comprehensive vision to guide future private investment, economic development, and public infrastructure investments in a coordinated fashion guiding improvements in terms of tax base, quality of life, and accessibility. The plan focuses on urban design, land use and transportation, and served as the basis for the City to undertake area-wide rezoning and thoroughfare amendment.

The area wide rezoning and comprehensive Thoroughfare Plan amendment were needed to establish a coordinated set of development regulations to guide future development in a manner consistent with the vision.  Future private rezoning requests are reviewed for consistency with this vision, even as the area evolves to accommodate changing needs.

Download Plan: Valley View Galleria Area Plan

Additional Information: 

In May 2014, Valley View​​ Center Mall and Southwest Center Mall Areas were incorporating into a new  tax increment finance (TIF) district​​. The  Mall Area Redevelopment TIF District Plan outlines the project plan and reinvestment zone financing plan. 

Also as a result of this initiative, Plan Development, PD 887 was adopted  as a special purpose district which provides guidance for form based zoning. 

The Valley View Galleria Area Plan also adheres to Article 13, Form Districts to reinforce the desired built outcome for this ambitious project. 

To reinforce the desired outcome for addressing improved mobility, the Valley View - Galleria Area Plan also prompted an amend​ment to the Thoroughfare​ Plan for this this area.