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​Bryan Place (Planned Development District 298 Bryan Area Study)

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Year of Adoption: 2004

Council District2, 14


Bryan Area is generally bounded by Roseland to the north, Fitzhugh to the east, Gaston to the south, and Good Latimer/Central Expressway to the west.


The recommendations were developed to help improve PD 298's development potential, increase the appeal of the district, and encourage investment into the area. They were also given to help improve the pedestrian activity throughout the district and create a more vibrant community.


The Bryan Area Study reviews the objectives of Planned Development District 298. The study area "has a tremendous mix of land uses that include residential, retail, commercial, industrial, office, and institutional". The plan determined that all original objectives of the PDD were being met except for "encouraging redevelopment and commercial activity along Ross Avenue" and "focusing commercial/retail redevelopment opportunities to the Village Center". The document outlines recommendations for policies and design in order to better meet the objectives, including establishing a sunset clause for non-conforming automotive uses along Ross Avenue, enhancing sidewalks and crosswalks to better connect to downtown, and establishing the right-of-way on Haskell Avenue to be 65 feet instead of 160 feet.     

Download: Bryan Area Study

Additional Information: 

A portion of the study area falls within the Deep Ellum Tax Increment Finance (TIF) District, which supports the area's economic development, and a portion also falls within the Deep Ellum Public Improvement District. The 360 Plan also overlays this neighborhood and provides additional understanding of the area's context.