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​Elm Street [Deep Ellum] Conceptual Study

​The Elm Street Conceptual Study represents an effort to guide the design and transportation strategy for the Elm Street corridor in Deep Ellum. The 2006 City of Dallas Bond Program identified funding for design and reconstruction of Elm Street from Good Latimer to Exposition. Through a collaboration between Public Works, The Office of Economic Development, and Planning and Urban Design, the City engaged area stakeholders to evaluate existing conditions and identify a set of priorities to establish a conceptual design vision for Elm Street.

The resulting design approach incorporated the reduction of the existing three travel lanes to two lanes, thus freeing up additional space for sidewalks and street café space, placing a specific emphasis on pedestrian and bicycles. Also expressed was a desire to study the potential for an eventual conversion from the existing one-way operation to a two-way street allowing traffic to flow both east and west along Elm. Through a study conducted by Public Works, the City Council passed a Thoroughfare Plan amend-ment in 2012 re-designating both Elm and Commerce Streets for two-way operation.

The resulting conceptual design was utilized to inform final engineered drawings for the Elm Street Reconstruction Project. The final project construction was completed in 2014.

Timeline                                         2010 - 2014
Project Impact                           Direct Design, Public Outreach, Advisory Services
Funding Award Amount     $6 Million
Funding Source                         2006 Bond Program

For more information or to read the full report click here:  Elm Street [Deep Ellum] Conceptual Study.