Sanitation Services

​Sanitation Services Schedule Change

​September 27, 2022

​In August 2022, the Department of Sanitation Services completed a route efficiency evaluation for recycle and garbage collection services. The resulting re-route will change recycle and garbage collection days for fifty-six percent of Sanitation customers. New collection service days are scheduled to begin December 5, 2022. 

Currently, Sanitation provides regular recycle and garbage collection services four days a week, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Sanitation crews work 10-12-hour days to complete their current routes. If routes are unable to be completed due to staffing or equipment shortages, weather, or other unforeseen circumstances, Sanitation crews complete missed services on Wednesday and/or Saturday. 

Working in conjunction with RouteSmart Technologies, a consultant specializing in solid waste route optimization, Sanitation will implement new routes that will provide collections services over five days, Monday-Friday. These route changes will allow for more efficient use of City equipment, will shorten the workday for Sanitation crews, and will allow for maintenance on equipment to begin earlier each day. New routes will reduce the frequency of travel to and from transfer stations, the landfill, and the material recovery facility, saving on labor hours, fuel, and reducing emissions. A standard workday will be shortened to 8 hours, from the current 10–12-hour days. 

Next month Sanitation will launch an informational campaign announcing the collection day changes. Sanitation’s goal is to achieve a minimum of three communication touch points for customers impacted by the service date changes. Customers will also have opportunities to engage with this information online and with City staff through 3-1-1. 

Communication avenues will include: 

  • Print
    • Postcards to customers directly impacted by service day changes
    • Flyers posted at City recreation centers and libraries
    • Water utility bill inserts
  • Digital
    • City of Dallas website with detailed calendar of service day changes
    • City social media channels
    • 3-1-1
    • Customer emails
    • NextDoor application

This information was originally published in a memorandum to the City Council on September 9, 2022.