Sanitation Services

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This service is currently suspended due to equipment availability issues. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

Cost-Plus is an on-demand collection service of various brush and/or bulk solid waste materials for residential and/or commercial/business customers.  A minimum fee of $60.00 (plus tax) per five cubic yards will be directly billed to the associated Dallas Water Utilities account for services rendered but is subject to increase based upon the debris cubic yard load size inspection.

After a Cost-Plus service request is submitted, items must be placed at the front curb or parkway (no alley or back pickup) within 24 hours of submitting.  Customers needing to dispose of brush and/or bulk items can also self-transport to the McCommas Bluff Landfill or one of the three transfer stations.

Requirements for Customer's to Receive Service:

  1. Must have a valid email address and/or contact number.
  2. Must have an active Dallas Water Utilities Account number.
  3. Must be the Account Holder or an Authorized User to make changes to the account.

How much will it cost me?

Click here to view the current Cost-Plus Pricing; no estimates are provided.

Any amount over 120 cubic yards will need to be self-transported to the Landfill/Transfer Station. 

What does 5 cubic yards look like you ask? 

The size of a conventional stove is about 3 ft x 3 ft x 3 ft which is approximately 1 cubic yard.  Please see the visual illustration below of what 5 cubic yards would look like.

Materials that are Not Accepted

There are some materials (e.g. bricks, concrete, tires, etc.) that are not collected and should be taken to the Landfill.  

Items that are ​NOT collected by Cost-Plus include:

​- Bricks
​- Concrete, Asphalt & Granite
- Rocks
​- Dirt
​- Hazardous Material*
​- Oil*
​- Tires
​- Refrigerators or any other item with Freon 
   (e.g. ice maker, freezer, etc.)

*Batteries, Oil, Paint & Antifreeze can be taken to monthly BOPA events. Other household hazardous waste can be taken to the Dallas County Home Chemical Collection Center. For more information please click here.

Would you like this service?

You can submit a service request by:

  1. Phone at 214-670-3111 or 3-1-1 if within City limits.
  2. Online
  3. OurDallas Mobile Application.

After submitting a request, staff will review for approval/denial.  Upon approval, the Cost-Plus service will be processed for debris removal.  A removal estimate will not be provided prior to service.  Staff will conduct a cubic load size inspection at the service address, and the final fee will be billed to the Dallas Water Utilities account number provided.  

It is that easy!!  Everything is reviewed and processed electronically.


With a signed Application and approved services, Sanitation staff will enter onto private property at a point that is not immediately adjacent to a location reasonably accessible to the standard City garbage/recycle truck by route of a public right-of-way to collect garbage and/or recyclable materials.  Brush and/or Bulk trash collection will not be rendered as a Pack-Out service.  A monthly service fee in the amount of $119.47 (plus tax) will be reflected on the Dallas Water Utilities account number provided.   Each additional garbage roll cart will be $13.27.  For service, please contact City of Dallas 3-1-1 at (214) 670-3111 or by dialing 3-1-1 when inside Dallas’ city limits, through the OurDallas mobile app, or online at Dallas 311.

Helpi​ng Hands

Additional garbage collection options are available for physically impaired persons residing without an able-bodied person in the household.  These additional options are provided at no extra charge, pending the approval of a completed application and Doctor's Statement.  For service, please contact City of Dallas 3-1-1 at (214) 670-3111 or by dialing 3-1-1 when inside Dallas’ city limits, through the OurDallas mobile app, or online at Dallas 311.