​Traffic Signals & Street Lighting


The Traffic Signal division studies, constructs, and repairs traffic signals, beacons, and flashers. We provide a safe, reliable, and efficient traffic signal system that provides access and mobility for various modes of transportation including vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians. The Traffic Management Center and the Traffic Signal Shop provide a critical support to fulfill the goals of the Traffic Signal team. 

The Traffic Signal division submits funding applications to various external sources to explore feasibility of upgrading existing traffic signals to current national standards. The team has applied and secured funding for several million dollars on an yearly basis.

Reporting Street Light Outages Online

The City of Dallas has a contract with ONCOR Electric Delivery to maintain 85,000 street lights citywide.  To expedite your repair, enter the information directly into the ONCOR customer service website. Use the options below:

I WOULD LIKE TO REPORT A STREET LIGHT - Select this link to enter the ONCOR street light outage website and your request will be forwarded to an ONCOR street light repair technician. ONCOR is required to repair this outage within 15 days.

I HAVE REPORTED AN OUTAGE AND IT HAS NOT BEEN REPAIRED - Select this link to enter information regarding a street light that was previously reported but did not get repaired within 15 days.  Your request will be forwarded to City of Dallas staff to monitor the repair to completion and enforce contract requirements.

Operations Maintenance

The operations maintenance division designs, constructs and repairs traffic control devices, like traffic signals, school and pedestrian flashers, traffic signs, pavement markings, crosswalks and street lights. The congestion management division conducts technical studies for traffic safety, installs traffic control devices and develops neighborhood traffic calming projects.

Neighborhood Block Party Permit

Neighborhood block party permits are available for temporarily closing streets in a single family residential area. There is no fee for this permit. Contact the Dallas Department of Public Works for an application.
Block party permits are not granted when multi-family or commercial properties are adjacent to City streets. Multi-family or commercial property owners may obtain a permit from the Dallas Office of Special Events at (214) 939-2701.