Water Utilities

​Information for Developers

​Commercial Construction:

To obtain building or plumbing permits, file applications with City of Dallas Building Inspection Division at 320 E. Jefferson.  The telephone number is   (214) 948-4480.   After you've applied for the appropriate City of Dallas permits, DWU's Permit Section can assist you with a variety of services related to establishing new water or wastewater service.  The Permit Section is located at 320 E. Jefferson Street, Room 118. The telephone number is (214) 948-4500.

Contact DWU's Permit Section to:

  1. Determine the availability of water and wastewater mains;

  2. Learn about the fees and permits required to establish water and wastewater service.

Please note: All water services requiring meters larger than two inches and commercial wastewater service connections must be made by private utility or plumbing contractors. An information packet detailing the requirements for connections made by private contractors is available through DWU's Permit Section.

Water and Wastewater Main Extensions and Replacements:

Individual Residential:

DWU will extend water or wastewater mains for individual property owners who are not subdividing their land and are located within 100 feet of the main to be extended. The property owner will pay only the connection fees. Contact DWU's Permit Section, 320 E. Jefferson, Room 118, for more information. The telephone number is (214) 948-4500.   For information about special assessments, contact DWU's Industrial Billing Section, City Hall, Room 3AN. The telephone number is (214) 670-3254.

New Subdivisions:

Developers requesting a main extension or replacement will be required to construct the main. Contact the City of Dallas subdivision coordinator at 320 E. Jefferson, Room 218. The telephone number is (214) 948-4590.