Water Utilities

​Design and Construction Standards

The following documents are to be used for design and/or construction of water and wastewater mains owned and operated by DWU. All documents below are in Adobe PDF format unless noted otherwise.

Sustainable Development and Construction – Manuals

Water and Wastewater Procedures and Design Manual - October 2015​ (12.2 MB)

DWU American Iron and Steel Approved Materials List for Texas Water Development Board Water Construction - January 2019 (224 KB)

DWU Approved Materials List for Water Construction - May 2019 (236 KB)

DWU Approved Materials List for Wastewater Construction - Jan. 2021  (160 KB)

Elevated Storage Tank & Ground Storage Tank Design Manual (September 2013) (288 KB)

DWU Drafting Standards for Water/Wastewater Projects (July 2012) (2.39 MB)

DWU Standard Drawing for Water and Wastewater Construction October 2017 Edition​  (8.22 MB)

DWU Bid Item and Cost Estimating Manual October 1,2017 (PDF 1.80 MB) 

DWU Bid Item and Cost Estimating Manual October ​1,2017 (DOCX 567 KB)

DWU Probable Cost Template (Microsoft Excel)

DWU Average Costs Manual for Pipeline Construction Estimation (September 2012) (663 KB)

2011 City of Dallas NCTCOG Addendum 
(October 1, 2011) [Most Recent Edition] (2.73 MB)

DWU Standard Technical Specifications for Water & Wastewater Construction (October, 2017) (1.1 MB)

DWU Soil Groundwater Management Manual for Construction Sites and Utility Design (9.67 MB)

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