Water Utilities

​Design and Construction Standards

The following documents are to be used for design and/or construction of water and wastewater mains owned and operated by DWU. All documents below are in Adobe PDF format unless noted otherwise.

Sustainable Development and Construction – Manuals

Water and Wastewater Procedures and Design Manual - October 2015​ (12.2 MB)

DWU American Iron and Steel Approved Materials List for Texas Water Development Board Water Construction - January 2019 (224 KB)

DWU Approved Materials List for Water Construction - May 2019 (236 KB)

DWU Approved Materials List for Wastewater Construction - May 2019  (61 KB)

Elevated Storage Tank & Ground Storage Tank Design Manual (September 2013) (288 KB)

DWU Drafting Standards for Water/Wastewater Projects (July 2012) (2.39 MB)

DWU Standard Drawing for Water and Wastewater Construction October 2017 Edition​  (8.22 MB)

DWU Bid Item and Cost Estimating Manual October 1,2017 (PDF 1.80 MB) 

DWU Bid Item and Cost Estimating Manual October ​1,2017 ( DOCX 567 KB)

DWU Probable Cost Template (Microsoft Excel)

DWU Average Costs Manual for Pipeline Construction Estimation (September 2012) (663 KB)

2011 City of Dallas NCTCOG Addendum 
(October 1, 2011) [Most Recent Edition] (2.73 MB)

DWU Standard Technical Specifications for Water & Wastewater Construction (October, 2017) (1.1 MB)

DWU Soil Groundwater Management Manual for Construction Sites and Utility Design (9.67 MB)

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