Water Utilities

​Dallas Water Utilities Functions

Dallas Water Utilities (DWU) proudly serves over 2.6 million people as a local and regional provider of water, wastewater, stormwater and flood control services. One of the largest water utilities in the nation, DWU has over 1,600 employees collaborating across multiple divisions. 

Each division works together to fulfill DWU's One Water vision of providing services vital to the health, safety and quality of life of Dallas residents and customers.

Capital Improvements plans, designs, constructs and inspects the capital projects needed to provide customers with water, wastewater and stormwater services to meet the growth of the community, extend water and wastewater mains and improve facilities to meet state and federal regulatory requirements. The division also provides rehabilitation and replacement of facilities.

Customer Operations provides meter reading, billing, collection and customer service activities for over 300,000 water, wastewater, sanitation and stormwater accounts. The Customer Operations team provides support and training for all citywide billing system users and provides the operator certification program for DWU, focusing on training mandated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and the city.

Stormwater Operations inspects, maintains and operates citywide storm drainage systems, creeks, channels and floodway management areas. The division provides maintenance and operation of the Dallas Floodway drainage system consisting of pump stations, pressure sewers, levees, flood walls, drainage structures and related facilities. In addition, the division provides support to the private and public sectors for development in and around the floodplain for local, state and federal regulatory compliance and responds to routine and emergency calls.

Wastewater Operations provides pretreatment activities, laboratory analysis, collection, transportation, treatment and indirect reuse of domestic and industrial wastewater. The division also operates two treatment plants and over 4,000 miles of pipeline in the wastewater system.

Water Delivery operates and maintains the water distribution system to pump and deliver potable water to the residents and businesses of the City of Dallas and throughout the region. Water Delivery also ensures that water quality adheres to state and federal regulations.

Water Production provides the continuous and reliable operation, maintenance and management of Dallas’s three surface water treatment plants and the city-owned reservoir, Lake Ray Hubbard. These duties include raw water impoundment and transmission, treatment of drinking water, laboratory analysis, regulatory compliance and reservoir-related activities.