Water Utilities

​Water Utilities Functions

​Business and Customer Operations provides accounting, financial, and budget support to the Water Utilities Department; and provides customer relations, billings, credit and collections activities, customer information, and all meter-associated services to the water, wastewater and stormwater utility customers. In addition, this program provides for the management of wholesale water and wastewater services to other governmental entities within the utility's service area.

Water Operations is responsible for operating and maintaining the facilities of the Water Utilities Department. These activities include the raw water impoundment and watershed management, and the purification, pumping and distribution of potable water.

Wastewater Operations is responsible for collecting, transporting, controlling the discharge of, and treating domestic and industrial wastes; and maintaining treatment plants and pipelines in the wastewater system.

Capital Improvement Operations plans, designs, constructs and inspects the capital projects needed to provide customers with water and wastewater facilities to meet the growth of the community, extension of water and wastewater mains, modification of facilities to meet changes in State and Federal regulatory requirements (Environmental Protection Agency Administrative Orders, Safe Drinking Water Act treatment parameters and Clean Water Act discharge limitations), and the rehabilitation and replacement of deteriorated or obsolete facilities.

General Expense and Debt Service provides overall financial support to the Department in areas where the expenditures are not directly tied to the day to day operational and overhead aspects of the department. All such expenditures require special monitoring and control. Key items within General Expense and Debt Service include street rental, transfer to the construction funds, general fund cost reimbursement and debt service commitments.