Dallas SAP Solution Center


The  LTI Team's Mission

Learn Big, Teach Big, and Innovate Big. We discover innovative ways to deliver amazing knowledge to end users that is easy to understand and even easier for you to share with your fellow team members.

The Vision

The vision for the LTI team is to be the go-to team for training utilities users in SAP worldwide. We want to become the center for software learning throughout the City of Dallas. The potential and tools are growing every day; when combining learning methods and instructional design, you can train and teach so that information is retained longer.

Work Instructions
We have developed over 1300 role-based workshops with our U-perform application.   SAP USERS ONLY.
Our first e-learning course is now available.
New workshops coming soon!

Find SAP Resources and more!
Find SAP forms and more.  SAP USERS ONLY.