Alcohol permits are required for anyone who sells, serves, distributes, or manufactures any alcoholic beverage within the City of Dallas.

The state of Texas grants cities the authority to establish fees for Alcoholic Beverages. Chapter 6 of the Dallas City Ordinance Code further details the requirements of running an establishment which services Alcoholic Beverages. Any establishment which fails to comply will be subject to fees and penalties

A local fee shall be paid to the City of Dallas from every person who is issued a permit or license through the TABC for a establishment in the City of Dallas.

Governing Bodies

TABC provides applications and governances for licenses and/or permits. For answers to frequently asked questions regarding the licensing process, forms, fees and surcharges visit the TABC website.
To visit the local TABC Office in person go to their local field office page.

Sustainable Development and Construction is responsible for processing the Alcohol Measurement Certification Application. View more information here.

DWU Special Collections division collects fees for 26 types of alcoholic beverage licenses and permits issued by the Texas Alcoholic  Beverage Commission.

Code Compliance is responsible for adherence to the City’s Code of Ethics, values and conduct including adherence to compliance requirements.