Special Collections

​Special Collections

​Special Collections is a section of the Department of Dallas Water Utilities Revenue and Business Systems Division. The Special Collections Section (SCS) is responsible for the collection for multiple General Fund revenues including: (1) security alarm permits; (2) land-based receivables, such as demolitions and weed liens; (3) Dallas Police Department’s vice-controlled licenses, such as sexually-oriented businesses; (4) multi-tenant inspections; (5) alcoholic beverage local fees and others.

Lien Types:  Paving, Demolition, Heavy Clean, Litter Clean, Secure Closure, Vegetation Removal, Weed, Mow/Clean, Site Clearance and Civil Penalties

Lien Payoff Requests:  Please submit all lien payoff requests or release of lien requests to DWULiens@dallas.gov.

Lien Payment Options:

  • By Mail: City of Dallas,  Special Collections, PO Box 139076, Dallas, Texas 75313

  • Online at DallasGo (NOTE: You will need to call Special Collections to get the account number in order to register.)

Release of Liens:  Once payment is made, please request a Release of Lien by sending email to DWULiens@dallas.gov.

Note: If the lien was paid by...

Cash or Cashier's Check – Release will be sent immediately.

Check – A 10-day hold will be placed on the Release.

Credit Card – A 10-day hold will be placed on the Release.

Lien Disputes:

To dispute a lien, please contact Code Compliance at (214)671-9391 or email: revenue-collections@dallas.gov 

Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.