Stormwater Operations

​Stormwater Operations 

Dallas City Hall
1500 Marilla, Room 4A North  
Dallas, TX 75201
Phone: 214-671-3146

Sarah Standifer
Assistant Director, Stormwater Operations 

The Stormwater Operations Division provides the following services and programs to all citizens and business districts of Dallas.  Please see the listings below.

Floodplain & Drainage Management

 Floodplain and Drainage Management provides studies and mapping to ensure that public infrastructure and private developments are designed to avoid flooding. It encourages the preservation of natural streams and green space and prohibits development in areas that are prone to flood, as required by state law unless an acceptable floodplain permit is issued. By regulating the floodplain and participating in FEMA programs, Dallas property owners qualify for a 25% discount on their flood insurance (please speak to your insurance agent or FEMA to learn more about the discount and how it might apply to your insurance policy.) Additionally, this division is responsible for the planning, design, construction, administration and management of the drainage infrastructure in Capital Bond programs.

Flood Con​trol and City-Wide Interior Drainage 

Flood protection is the primary service provided by the Flood Control Division, and is provided through the maintenance and operation of the Dallas Floodway Project consisting of pump stations, pressure sewers, levees, flood walls, drainage/closure structures, channels, floodway and miscellaneous facilities.  Maintenance of the Dallas Floodway System must be performed in accordance with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) regulations.  Other duties include maintenance of Flooded Roadway Warning System (FRWS), flood gauge sites, retention/detention basins, and Civil Defense sirens.  Additional duties include removal of blockages on City-owned creeks/channels (except creeks and channels located in Parks), storm sewers, and responds to inclement weather emergencies such as snow/ice, wind storms and street flooding.

Explore the Trinity River Corridor Project 

The Trinity River Corridor Project is the most complex and the largest urban development effort undertaking by the City of Dallas.  This multi-generational project provides critical flood protection, transportation improvements, recreational amenities, environmental restoration/preservation, and economic development for the Trinity River Corridor which covers 20 miles or 10,000 acres.  Implementation of the project is in accordance with the Trinity River Corridor Project'a  Balanced Vision Plan. For more information, visit ​You may send questions or comments to