District 11

​Northaven Trail 

The Northaven Trail is a Dallas Parks and Recreation Department trail and is the main east-west commuter and recreational bike and hike trail in North Dallas. The trail currently follows the Oncor power line easement between Northaven Road and Royal Lane, and runs from Valleydale (near North Central Expressway) to Preston Road. 

The trail is planned for both western and eastern expansion and, when complete, will link the White Rock Creek Trail , Cottonwood Trail, and future SoPac Trail on the east, as well as the future Elmfork Greenbelt trails on the west. Construction on Phases 2B and 2C of the trail (Cinderella Drive to the Walnut Hill DART station) is scheduled to begin in late 2017. 

Construction on Phase 2A (Preston Road to Cinderella Drive) is anticipated to begin in spring 2018. Additionally, the trail will include a bridge crossing at North Central Expressway, as depicted in the attached renderings (which are preliminary and subject to change). Also, the bridge over North Central Expressway will connect north Dallas to the DART Red Line. The bridge design and construction process is being coordinated by the Texas Department of Transportation.

Please click here for a video that presents more information about the Northaven Trail US 75 Bridge.

The renderings below are preliminary and subject to change. They are intended to convey the scale of the proposed improvements, but does not represent the final design details, aesthetic treatments, etc. which are  currently in development stages. 

Northaven Trail Connection 1.jpg

Northaven Trail Connection 2.jpgNorthaven Trail Connection 3.jpg

Northaven Trail Connection 4.jpg

Northaven Trail Connection 5.jpg

The Northaven Trail (NHT) is a commuter and recreational bike and hike trail built and maintained by the City of Dallas, Dallas Parks and Recreation Department.  The Trail is 2.5 miles and is located in the northern section of the district.  The NHT runs through the Oncor power line easement between Northaven Road and Royal Lane; the trail end points are Valleydale Road and Preston Road.

The NHT serves as a recreational amenity for thousands of neighborhoods, and local retail.  Along the trail, you can find water fountains, rest areas, bicycle repair stations and benches. 

The volunteer organization, Friends of Northaven Trail help support trail through programming and beautification.  For more information about NHT events and updates, visit https://northaventrail.org

NHT- 3.jpg 

  Photo by Danny Fulgencio​

In 2014, The Northaven Trail was awarded $ 2.5 million by the North Texas Council of Governments to extend the trail four additional miles, and expand the trail from Preston Road to Denton Drive.  This grant will complete the trails initial masterplan design of extending trail to Central Expressway, and further connecting to the White Rock Creek Trail and Irving's Campion Trail. 

NHT - map.jpg