District 9

City Council District 9​

​Biography: Councilmember Mark Clayton​

Serving in his second two-year term on the Dallas City Council, Mark Clayton represents District 9. Mark earned a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Baylor University, and successfully built four insurance agencies. As a small business owner and recipient of numerous business awards, Mark demonstrated his commitment to the development of his employees by mentoring and funding their startup agencies.

Upon taking office as the Councilmember for District 9, Mayor Mike Rawlings appointed Mark as the Co-Chair of the Mayor's Poverty Task Force. While Mark is appointed to several other committees, the Poverty Task Force is where he focuses his efforts for the City and Region. Mark has become the lead architect on the City's plan to address poverty and homelessness throughout the city. As a result of his efforts, Mark is now working with the Mayor, County and other community leaders on the formation of a new, multi-agency homelessness commission coordinating data and resources to lower the homeless population.  In addition, he works collaboratively with DISD towards improving student outcomes by reducing the toxic stresses of extreme poverty. He is also steering the City to bring data and resources to the non-profit sector to help channel Federal funding, and begin systematically addressing the drivers of poverty.

 Currently, Mark serves as the Mayor's Co-Chair on the Poverty Task Force, Chair of the Education Task Force, Co-Chair of the Regional Commission on Homelessness, Vice Chair of the Quality of Life, Arts & Culture Committee, and City Council Liaison to the Arts, Cultures and Libraries community.  He is also a member of the Human and Social Needs and Economic Development and Housing Committee.