City Manager

​Citywide Strategic Plan

​Economic Vibrancy Strategic Objective | 2.3 Through September 2017, ensure Dallas' tax base grows faster than bordering suburbs

Work Plan Items

  • Continue growSouth focus area develo​pment strategies
  • Execute Downtown 360 Plan
  • Continue implementation of Long Term Water Supply Plan
  • Expand façade improvement program
  • Implement Development Process Improvement Plan
  • Rehabilitate 1.5% of water/wastewater mains each year
  • Continue implementation of Trinity Balanced Vision Plan
  • Develop open space strategy for redevelopment areas
  • Create and implement development plans for large commercial areas
  • Update Convention Center Capital Improvement plan
  • Complete construction adjacent to Convention Center
  • Explore Commercial & Entertainment Zone Parking Plan
  • Repurpose key CBD vacant buildings
  • Initiate Executive Airport non-aviation redevelopment plan
  • Continue efforts to enhance workforce readiness​
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