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The Office of the Mayor is pleased to recognize the people, programs, and events that make Dallas a vibrant city by issuing ceremonial documents. A ceremonial document is a proclamation, special recognition, or congratulatory letter that recognizes a City of Dallas resident, event, or organization. 

The Office of the Mayor will make the final decision on whether a ceremonial item is issued and reserves the right to decline any ceremonial item without further details. ​

Steps to requesting a ceremonial document:

1. Read the Policy & Procedure for Ceremonial Documents here.

2. Determine which type of ceremonial document is adequate for your request.

3. If you are requesting a proclamation or a special recognition, you will need to provide a written draft at the time the request is submitted. Ceremonial documents requested annually must provide new information (i.e. theme, statistics, and impact).

4. Submit your request via the online portal 30 days before your deadline or event date. Due to the high volume of requests, please allow 2-3 weeks for processing.

Review Guidelines​​ Here

Types of Ceremonial Documents Here

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Sample Proclamation (pdf)

Sample Special Letter (pdf)

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