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Spotlight On: Entrepreneurs For North Texas

EFNT Freedom Day 2010 Volunteers

Since its establishment in the summer of 2000, Entrepreneurs For North Texas (EFNT)’s mission has been to facilitate community involvement and philanthropy for small and mid-size companies that want to make a positive impact in their communities in a way that’s also beneficial to their business.  EFNT is a program of Communities Foundation of Texas,  who has been a partner with donors in the North Texas area and committed to raising the quality of life in our community for 60 years.

EFNT consists of a network of more than 100 Member Companies that encompass a broad spectrum of the business community, from small to mid-size businesses, private equity investors, venture capitalists and a wide range of professional service providers who all share a commitment to give back to the neighborhoods and communities in which they live and work.

EFNT works with its Member Companies to harness the power of their corporate assets through philanthropy and community programs, which allows the Member Companies to service the social needs of the neighborhood or community while meeting their corporate objectives. EFNT works to identify non-profit organizations that will provide the most strategically beneficial alliance. According to their website, these mutually beneficial alliances complement EFNT’s goals and provide resources that support their programs and initiatives so that the Member Companies and the community receive the maximum impact possible.

Pam Gerber is Executive Director of Entrepreneurs For North Texas.  She also serves the city as Councilmember Angela Hunt's appointee on the Community Development Board and as a member of Councilmember Delia Jasso's LGBT Task Force. In September, Gerber will lead EFNT Member Companies in one of the organizations signature events.

On September 11th, EFNT will hold their 11th annual “Freedom Day” at Zumwalt Middle School.  “After 9/11, we knew that it was a moral imperative for us to do something in honor of the lives that were lost and changed on that day,” Gerber said. 

Zumwalt is one of the school’s Mayor Rawlings adopted as part of his GrowSouth program.  She said the opportunity to partner with one of the Mayor’s GrowSouth schools was a perfect fit for their project.  EFNT Member Companies will converge on Zumwalt for a day of cleaning, painting and landscaping to enhance the overall aesthetic of the campus. 

More than 40 EFNT Member Companies will provide over 400 volunteers to Zumwalt on September 11th.  “Our Member Companies are thrilled and enthusiastic about Freedom Day,” says Gerber.  Gerber said they would not be able to execute Freedom Day without the support of their major sponsors which include: Hunt Consolidated Investments, Inc.; Optimal Solutions; The Boone Pickens Foundation, a Communities Foundation of Texas Fund; Mutual Capital Alliance, Inc.; Executives In Action, Chris & Ashlee Kleinert; and Communities Foundation of Texas.