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​​Forum on the Trinity Parkway “Dream” Team Report​

In late 2014, Mayor Rawlings announced plans to convene some of the best design minds in the world to examine our Trinity Parkway plans. The idea for this "dream team" of 12 urban designers, planners, architects and transportation experts was to help us put the "balance" back in the Balanced Vision Plan. The mayor’s hope and their mission was to put together a design that we can all support as being consistent with the graceful, meandering parkway we first envisioned many years ago.

Led by urban designer Larry Beasley, this “Dream Team” held the privately-funded charrette here in Dallas over several days in February. The Trinity Parkway Design Charrette Report is the result of their work. 

Public meetings are underway to gather citizen feedback on the report. We want to hear from you. 

​Learn More about the Forums on the Trinity Parkway “​Dream Team” Report.​ ​

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State of GrowSouth


With an abundant number of fortune 500 companies and businesses that are thriving, the Dallas region has one of the nation's fastest growing economies. However, nearly half of our neighborhoods are not in the labor force and our working poor are the fastest growing segment in this city. In an effort to address these growing inequities, Mayor Rawlings in 2012 introduced GrowSouth, an initiative to build, connect and reinvigorate the southern half of our city. ​

The greatest opportunity for sustainable progress is available in Southern Dallas. Not only does Southern Dallas encompass 45% of our city's population, but it is also 54% of our landmass. Our city's future relies on how we activate Southern Dallas. We need to continue to push GrowSouth in the years ahead to continue growth in this area.  

After launching GrowSouth, Mayor Rawlings committed to keeping residents and business owners informed on the "State of GrowSouth" with an annual progress report. The presentation was made on Tuesday, April 28 at3015 Trinity Groves​

GrowSouth Year 4 Presentation.pdf

GS Community Indicators.pdf

GS Year 3 Progress Report.pdf

​Dallas Mayor's​ Education Initiatives​


Mayor Rawlings believes one of society's most important roles is educating youth in the classroom so that they become contributing members to their community.


​​​ Dallas Mayor's I​​​ntern Fellows Program


The Mayor's Intern Fellows Program (MIFP) is a unique summer internship created by the Mayor. The 8-week paid internships are for Dallas ISD high school students becoming juniors or seniors. It places talented students from challenged school in corporate offices at the top firms in Dallas. There they make the connection between their education and their careers and gain valuable job and life experiences. 

For companies, students or parents interested in pa​rticipating, please visit​. ​



​​Dallas City of​​ Le​arning

City of Learning.png 

Big Thought and Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings have come together to launch Dallas City of Learning. The pilot year of this new initiative will turn summer into a time of engaged-learning for over 10,000 of Dallas' youth. Explore Dallas this summer, making it your citywide learning laboratory and opening pathways to your future! Visit

Mayor's Summer​ Reading Club

summer-reading-club.png The Mayor's Summer Reading Club is an eight-week program designed to keep kids’ skills sharp over the summer and encourage a love of reading for all ages. Founded in 1993, the Dallas Mayor's Sumer Reading Club has served over 250,000 children by encouraging them to pick up a book to read during the summer months. The program is based on the belief that regular reading keeps academic skills sharp, inspires curiosity, and enhances comprehension and vocabulary. Best of all, puts in place the habit for young people to become lifelong readers and learners! Visit​

back to school.jpg

​Mayor's​​ Back to School Fair

The biggest back-to-school event in Dallas attracts more than 40,000 underserved schoolchildren and their families every year! Join Mayor Rawligns in making this an inspiring gift to Dallas youth. Read more here.​