City of Dallas Forestry

​Planting 1.0

Ask yourself:  
Why am I planting a tree?
Where can I plant a tree?
Do I know my trees?
Do I know where my utilities are located?
          To the first question, the number one reason to plant a tree in Texas is for shade!  If you need shade for your home, do you know where the sun is located at 3 o’clock in the afternoon in August?  We all know this is the hottest time of year.  Take this information, along with the mature width of the crown of the tree you have chosen, and you have the perfect location for your new tree. Right Tree, Right Place!
           What do we mean?  Let’s says you have chosen a chinquapin oak, which has a average 40-foot crown width…this means you need to plant a minimum of 20 feet from your roof line. These simple questions and answers can save you so much heartache and money down the road on roof or home repairs.
To get more information, check out the Dallas Landscape and Tree Manual

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Proper Planting


And don’t forget, Look Up, Look Down, Look all Around!!!

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Illustrations provided by A&M Texas Forest Service