City of Dallas Forestry

City of Dallas Forestry  

Plantings and Re-Planting Trees

Alternative Trees to Planting an Ash

 Any North Texas native large tree species, including but not limited to cedar and American elms, oaks (bur, red, Shumard, Mexican White, chinquapin and live oaks), sycamore, chittamwood, bois d'arc and pecan.  Understory trees may include redbud, roughleaf dogwood, smoke tree, Eve's necklace, Mexican plum and fringe tree.

FREE trees can be found and planted through the following programs:

Branch Out Dallas – Annual event to celebrate Dallas Arbor Day, the first Saturday of November, providing homeowners a free tree for their front, back or side yards.
For more details visit Branch Out Dallas

City of Dallas Reforestation Program – the Dallas Urban Reforestation Fund provides a
resource to purchase new trees that can be planted on City of Dallas properties, public shools, and other goverment properties. This is where your group gets involved. For projects to qualify for assistance from this program, the project must be sponsored wholly or in part by a planting group; such as
community groups, non-profit organizations or City of Dallas departments. All trees requested through this
program must be planted on public property that includes City of Dallas land, recreation centers, public schools, approved medians, city rights-of-way and parkways.
More information is available at Sustainable Development and Construction

 Branching Out Dallas – the Park and Recreation Department continues to plant tree in parks through the Branching Out Dallas program.  The parks are selected each year and the trees are planted in the late fall and winter.  Plantings are completed by staff, civic or corporate groups and the public.