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​Welcome to 311, the City o​f Dallas connection to city services. You can access most non-emergency services from here, su​ch as graffiti, high weeds, litter, and garbage roll cart replacement.

If you do not find an appropriate service request category on our Web site or are uncertain whether the ​problem may be hazardous, please call 311. Agents are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you cannot reach us by dialing 3-1-1, you may dial 214-670-3111.

If you have any difficulty entering a service request, please contact us by dialing 3-1-1, and a 311 Customer Service Agent will be glad to assist you.

The Service Request software is compatible with the following browsers:​​​​

  • Internet Exp​lorer versions 8, 9, and 10
  • Chrome - Version 29 on Windows
  • IOS - Version ios 6
  • Firefox - Version 23 on Windows​​
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General R​eque​​sts

Use this to req​uest service and information or report problems on issues that are not available through any other service request type listed within the categories above. Please check those categories before using this category.

To report problems with the 311 website, email Dallas311@dallascityhall.com

More about the City Knowledgebase

Did you know that the simplest method for finding information about the City is to search the City Knowledgebase using keywords or phrases related to your topic of interest? The City Knowledgebase contains information about departments, offices and services of the City of Dallas. Search for the information you need using these search tips.

To report problems with the City Knowledgebase, ​email Margaret.Collier@dallascityhall.com​​​​