Tornado Recovery

Single Family Dwellings

FAQs for Single-Family and Duplex Dwellings

We suggest that people do research on any company they plan on hiring to work on their property. There are online websites that rate contractors, however these are links to local contractor associations:

Dallas Builders Association (DBA)

National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI)

The Construction Association (TEXO)

Regional Hispanic Contractor Association (RHCA)

Regional Black Contractors Association (RBCA)

US Small Business Administration (SBA)

Do I need a permit from the city?

Construction work, including repair work, requires permits from the City. Applications for commercial, residential, remodel, and trade permits can be submitted in the Permit Center located at Oak Cliff Municipal Offices at 320 E Jefferson Blvd., Room 118.

Residential new construction of additions with remodel permits can apply in Room 105.

For work requiring only a trade permit (electrical, plumbing, mechanical), a licensed and registered contractor may apply for a single trade permit:

Roofing Permits

Damage to shingles and deck only

Roofing permit may be obtained over the counter at the district offices, Oak Cliff Municipal offices or online as shown below

Storm damage resulting in structural damage to roof joists and/or rafters

Building permit will be required

Can debris be cleaned up without a permit?

Yes, you can clean up debris without a permit to evaluate the structure and clean up tornado debris. Dumpsters are not allowed to be parked in the City of Dallas Right-of-Way. Complete removal of the structures and foundations requires a demolition permit.

Demolition Permit Checklist
Demolition Indemnification "Hold Harmless" Agreement

What work requires a permit? 

Replacing and repairing damaged siding, sheetrock or windows typically does not require a permit.  Minor repairs to roofing or roof vents does not require a permit.  Replacing large areas of a roof or an entire roof would require a re-roof permit.  Replacing structural members such as roof joists, rafters and wall sections will require a building permit.  For questions or additional information please call 214-948-4480.

How much does a permit cost?

The link below has both a Fee Schedule and a Permit Fee estimator worksheet to calculate fees:

Do I need a contractor to apply for a permit?

A contractor is necessary to obtain a permit for construction work, although a homeowner can act as the general contractor if they feel they are capable. The homeowner or agent has the duty to ensure that permits are obtained by properly qualified persons before work is started.

How long will it take to receive my permit?

For simple residential remodels this can usually be obtained the same day if all necessary plans and documents are submitted. For more complex plans the review may take up to 3 days.

Can I apply for a permit online?

Registered Contractors may apply online at:

Online Trade Permits only

Online Electronic Plan Reviews for building permits:

Instructions for Online Electronic Plan Review:

 What is the process?

Steps to follow to obtain a permit and inspections:

  1. The general contractor will submit the application, checklists and plans, if required.
  2. Plans and documents will be reviewed and if all requirements are in compliance with the codes a permit will be processed and issued.
  3. The general contractor will post permits on site and abide by the site regulations in the permit package.
  4. Contractors for each trade will call the number on the permit documents for inspections:

            a. For each trade prior to covering up the work: Contractor for each trade, electrical, mechanical and                             plumbing, must pass inspection prior to the general contractor calling in framing inspection.

            b. For each trade upon completion of the work: Contractor for each trade, electrical, mechanical and                              plumbing, must pass inspection prior to the general contractor calling in final building inspection.

Depending on the type of work performed the permit application is required along with additional checklists pertaining to the type of work.

Residential Applications and Forms:

Permit application: Permit Application

New Construction/Reconstruction:

o   Residential New Construction/Reconstruction Checklist

o   Residential Addition Checklist

Remodel/Repair Construction:

o   Remodel/Renovation Checklist (this form must be used whenever major sections of structural walls are replaced or when electrical or plumbing work is also involved)

o   General Repair Scope of Work Form (this form may be used when repair is limited to replacing small sections of damaged walls or ceilings and no other trades (electrical or plumbing) are involved.

Will I be expected to comply with the current construction codes?

All new work will be required to meet the current code: 2015 IRC with amendments and all current construction codes.

Portions of the structure not in the scope of work do not have to be brought up to current code except for smoke detectors/carbon monoxide detectors.

How will nonconformity to the zoning regulations be addressed?

If a nonconforming structure is damaged or destroyed other than by the intentional act of the owner or his agent, a person may renovate, remodel, repair, rebuild, or enlarge a nonconforming structure if the work does not cause the structure to become more nonconforming as to the yard, lot, and space regulations.