Office of Environmental Quality

​Office of Environmental Quality & Sustainability

​Air Pollution Control

Air Division Manager  ​Paul White II, Senior   Program Manager  ​214-671-8979
​Ambient Air Monitoring ​ A.C. Flye, Manager  ​214-671-5230
Air Quality Compliance​Joseph Vu, Interim Manager​  214-671-9385


Air Quality inspects and monitors the regulated industry to ensure compliance with, and to enforce, the federal and state regulations governing air quality in order to promote and protect the health, safety and well-being of the citizens of Dallas.  We also respond to citizen complaints, addressing concerns about the air quality in the City of Dallas.

Air Quality can be reached at 214-948-4435.

Ambient Air Monitoring & Surveillance operates and maintains an ambient air-monitoring network that measures the level of pollution caused by six federally designated major air contaminants.  The network includes 7 stations located in or near the city, monitoring for the criteria pollutants of ozone, carbon monoxide, nitrogen compounds, sulfur compounds, particulate matter, and lead.  Data gained is used to determine compliance with current state and federal ambient air standards,  and for developing State Implementation Plan modeling.  This Team also operates and maintains a network of sites that monitor for five biological pollutants associated with terrorist activities for the Department of Homeland Security and the US Environmental Protection Agency.