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Air Quality

​Air Quality Initiatives Paul White II, Assistant Director (I) 214-670-1200

We all can make a difference and improve air quality in Dallas and throughout North Texas. 

By reducing the number of single-rider trips you take, you improve air quality.  Whether running an errand around the corner or travelling back and forth to work, we can control our impact to the environment. 

City of Dallas staff and the community at large are encouraged to utilize the North Central Texas Council of Governments Try Parking It platform.  Try Parking It is a ride-match and trip-logging program available to help you locate carpool and vanpool matches, along with transit, biking, and walking buddy matches. Your active participation will not only aid in improving our air quality and decreasing traffic congestion, but it will allow you to earn points to use towards rewards. The more active you are, the more prizes you can redeem. Take a chance on an alternative trip, you won’t be disappointed.


Smoking Vehicles

Smoking vehicles can present multiple problems — not just to vehicle owners but to those of us around them.  You can help clear the air by reporting smoking vehicles to the North Central Texas Council of Governments Regional Smoking Vehicle Program (RSVP).  RSVP will advise vehicle owners of their possible emission problems as well as offer them suggestions on how they can repair or replace those vehicles to help improve air quality for us all.  Reporting can be done anonymously.

Regional Smoking Vehicle Program: Don't Choke, Call#SMOKE

Citizens who see smoking vehicles can report them by the following methods: