Office of Environmental Quality

​Office o​f E​nvironmental Quality

​Environm​ental Management System​​​

​What Dallas City Employees Say about Protecting the Environment:

Deborah Zimmern, Grounds Manager, Dallas City Zoo: 
“We feel great about our composting program here at the zoo. We’ve saved money for the City of Dallas. We have protected the environment. It’s a great example of what EMS can—and will—do for the City.”

Diana Richard, Dallas Streets Department:
“When the employees first heard about EMS they were real negative about it—because they were not aware what it was about. But when they started seeing the different components of it, and seeing how it worked, they became more positive about EMS, and what they wanted to do to help the environment. EMS is making our employees’ jobs a lot easier.”

Sgt. Mike Gurley of the Dallas Police Department, about environmental improvements at the City’s Auto Pound:
“We went through about a year of different suggestions and recommendations and, really last spring, it all came together, where we started to put together a plan. We looked, first of all, at what were we doing that impacted water quality, and we changed some of the things we did. And so at that point then we developed, along with some of the other city departments, a clean-up process. The final step that we’ve taken is, we’ve had ten oil/water separators put in.”

“Two years ago if you drove out on this lot you saw a lot of debris, you saw leaky cars. Today, when that same car comes in, we immediately will stop, and clean up that oil with our four-step process. We now know that the efforts and the contributions of our employees have greatly increased the quality of the water as it leaves our property and goes into the Trinity River.”

“We also saw that it was not that complex, so as we develop, and as we become part of the EMS, then we already know that the processes that we’re doing are going to have to be continued, and of course refined and expanded, to where we can have a better impact on the environment.”

“We try to think that everyday here at the auto pound is Earth Day.”