Aviation Department​

Transportation Regulation Division​


​​Transportation Regulation is a division of the Aviation Department. 

The division ensure public safety and consumer protection by enforcing and regulating ordinances related to for-hire-transportation, emergency vehicles, vehicle tow, vehicle immobilization (booting)  services operating in the city of Dallas and transportation services at Dallas Love Field Airport.

Ambulances, Emergency Wrecker, Vehicle Tow, and Vehicle Immobilization Services: 


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Chapters 15D. Ambulances, 15D. Emergency Wreckers48A. Vehicle Tow Service, and 48C. Vehicle Immobilization Service (Booting) of the Dallas City Code include ambulances, emergency wreckers, vehicle tow service, and vehicle immobilization (booting) enforcement.  Regulatory activities include criminal history checks for company owners and drivers, vehicle inspections, verification of insurance coverage, citizen complaint investigations, and field inspections.



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Chapter 47A. Transportation-for-Hire  of the Dallas City Code regulates and enforces transportation-for-hire services in the city of Dallas.  Regulatory and enforcement activities include criminal history checks for drivers, third party vehicle inspections, verification of insurance coverage, citizen complaint investigations, and field inspections.

2020 City Ordinances and Amendments approved by the Dallas City Council: 

TRANSPORTATION FOR HIRE ANNOUNCEMENTAll Transportation Network/Digital Network Companies and drivers governed by the State of Texas do not need to apply for the City of Dallas Transportation-for-Hire company operating authority, driver permit, or vehicle permit(s) - T.F.H. State of Texas Legislation Notice

For more information governing Transportation Network Companies (TNC) visit the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation or call 1-800-803-9202.

For transportation for hire drivers desiring to provide transportation services at Dallas Love Field Airport and  would like to update your AVI-Tag classification, also known as NTTA Tag,  please provide the following: 


Transportation Regulation Division
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