Dallas Executive Airport


​Dallas Heliport

This public-use, elevated Heliport / Vertiport is located in the Central Business District on the south end of the Dallas Convention Center. The facility has a dual deck and can accommodate three helicopters plus two vertical-take-off and landing aircraft at the same time.


801 S. Lamar
Dallas, Texas 75202-5505
(214) 670-7612

Dallas Heliport FAQ

What is the Dallas Heliport and where is it?

The Dallas Heliport is owned by the City of Dallas and operated through the Aviation Department. The Heliport is an elevated aviation facility located at 801 South Lamar Street in Dallas at the south end of the Convention Center. The facility has approximately 169,000 square feet of flight deck, a dedicated automobile parking lot, a full service lobby to include a conference room and a pilots waiting area. Both rotor aircraft and tilt-rotor aircraft, such as the Osprey V-22, can be accommodated at the facility.

How do I make arrangements to utilize the Heliport?

The Heliport is a public-use facility that is open. However should you need special attention (utilization of conference room, arrangement of ground transportation, parking of aircraft overnight or after hours operation) it is recommended that you contact a staff member during normal operating hours at (214) 670-7612.

Who uses the Heliport and how can I get more information?

The Heliport may be used by anyone operating a rotor type aircraft. It is primarily utilized by law enforcement, media, traffic watch, individuals owning and operating their own aircraft, private charters as well as corporate aviation departments of private companies. For more information you may call (214) 670-7612. A staff member will answer any questions you may have. Tours of the facility and arrangements may be made by calling the above referenced number.