Dallas Executive Airport

​Dallas Executive Airport

​Frequently Asked Questions

Why did the City change the name of Redbird Airport?

The City of Dallas changed the name of Redbird Airport to Dallas Executive Airport on February 27, 2002.  The name change was effective May 1.  The general aviation airport's name was changed to better market the airport and its amenities to corporate and private travelers.

Where is Dallas Executive Airport and how do I get there?

Dallas Executive Airport is located at 5303 Challenger Dr. (Mapsco 63L). From U.S. 67 exit onto Hampton Road, go north and turn left onto Challenger and proceed to the Terminal Building. For additional information or to get directions to a specific business on the airport call an airport staff member at (214) 670-7612 during the hours from 8:00AM to 5:00PM CST Monday through Friday.

What is the identifier for Dallas Executive Airport, will it be changed to DEA?

Dallas Executive Airport will keep the three-letter identifier RBD.  Airport identifiers are issued by the Federal Aviation Administration and do not change unless there is compelling reason to do so.

How can I find out information regarding leasing available land at the airport?

Dallas Executive has almost 600 acres of land available for development.  For more information on airport leases, call Aviation Property Management at (214) 670-6153.

Where can I meet an aircraft that is coming into Dallas Executive?

The main terminal has aircraft parking and there is a fixed based operators (FBO) at Dallas Executive. Information must be obtained from the aircraft operator as to which FBO they intend to use.  The FBO operating at Dallas Executive is:

  • Ambassador Aviation, L. P.
  • 5435 Saturn Dr, LB 12, Dallas, TX 75237
    (214) 623-8800

For hangar rental information at Dallas Executive Airport, call the following City of Dallas tenants for prices and availability:

  • Ambassador Aviation, L. P.
    5435 Saturn Dr, LB 12, Dallas, TX 75237
    (214) 623-8800

  • Jet Center of Dallas
    5125 Voyager. LB# 19 Dallas, TX 75237
    (214) 339-3992
  • J.C Aviation Investments, Inc.
     P.O Box 173215 Arlington, TX 76003-3215
    (817) 233-9007

How do I make an aircraft noise complaint?

Dallas Executive wants to be a good neighbor.  If an airport-related disturbance occurs between 8a.m to 5 p.m. CST (Monday - Friday), call (214) 670-7612. 

Reports may also be made by clicking on the link below:

File an online Noise Complaint