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The City of Dallas has embarked upon several customer service initiatives to ensure that the organization is providing exceptional service to the residents, businesses and communities of Dallas. In doing so, management has recognized the need for a standard mechanism to receive customer feedback that will allow the City to monitor long-term aggregated trends related to customer perception.

Recent Business Survey

City of Dallas 2015 Business Survey sought answers on service levels.  The DirectionFinder Survey was a collaborative effort between the City of Dallas and ETC Institute.  The survey and its administration were standardized to assure high quality survey methods and comparable results to other jurisdictions nationwide. Participating businesses were selected at random and the business member who responded was selected without bias.

Mailings and follow-up phone calls gave each business more than one chance to complete the survey. The DirectionFinder Survey was customized for Dallas and developed in close cooperation with city staff . The City of Dallas selected items from a menu of questions about services and issues that affect the business community; defined the jurisdiction boundaries used for sampling; and developed additional policy questions relevant to Dallas. All materials were mailed out in both English and Spa​nish and all responses are anonymous.

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2015​ Direction Finder Survey​

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