Civil Service

Navigating through the neogov system​

What an Applicant Should Consider

  • ​​​​Read the Minimum Qualifications listed with the job posting
  • Even if your department doesn't have a current opening, apply to get on the register of the position you are interested in.
  • List all education and experience when applying, if it is not on your application, we won't know about it…
  • Use the designated areas in the application to enter your knowledge and experience – do not rely on the resume that you attach to the application


Common Mistakes/Errors…

  • Not reading the minimum qualifications or job description
  • Not including sufficient information on your application that relates to the position you are applying for (month/year of experience)
  • Not updating your application and/or resume
  • Assuming that your title/position with the City tells us what you do
  • Assuming we already have your information because you've applied before and/or items are in your personnel files
  • Assuming that you are automatically on the list again because you were on it once before
  • Assuming a qualification for one position automatically qualifies you for another


What Happens After Placed on a Register…

  • City employees are eligible for six (6) months; external applicants eligible for six (6) months with no extensions of eligibility​.​
  • Eligible applicants are referred to the hiring authorities upon receipt of an approved requisition to fill a vacancy from the departments
  • Hiring departments will set up interviews and make hiring decisions.​​​