Civil Service

Civil Service - Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations


Section 1. 
No officer or employee of the City shall, directly or indirectly, in any way be required to contribute to any political campaign, political party, organization which supports candidates for public office, or for any partisan political purpose whatsoever.

To avoid undue influence of City employees on the outcome of City Council elections and to avoid undue influence of City Councilmen or candidates for City Council on City employees, the following restrictions are imposed:

(1) No employee of the City or association of such employees may publicly endorse or actively support candidates for the City Council or any political organization or association organized to support candidates for the City Council;

(2) No employee of the City may circulate petitions for City Council candidates, although he may sign such a petition;

(3) No employee of the City may contribute, directly or indirectly or through an organization or association to such a campaign nor solicit or receive contributions for a City Council candidate;

(4) No employee of the City may wear City Council campaign buttons nor distribute compaign literature at work or in a City uniform or in the offices or buildings of the City of Dallas.

Section 2. 
In elections other than for City Council of the City of Dallas, an employee of the City may not:

(1) Use the prestige of his position with the City for any partisan candidate;

(2) Manage a partisan political campaign;

(3) Solicit or receive contributions for such a campaign;

(4) Actively support a candidate except on his own time while not in a City uniform nor in an office or building of the City of Dallas. (City Charter, Chapter XVI, Section 16)


Section 1. 
The City Manager shall require the directors of all departments and their administrative subordinates, having employees subject to Civil Service Rules and Regulations, to evaluate the performance of employees under their direction, to communicate the results of this evaluation to each employee and to make the following reports of this to the Board:

(1) A blanket report covering each six (6) months' period to indicate those employees performing at or above an acceptable level.

(2) In the event any employee's performance has become deficient, then the department head shall issue to the Civil Service Board and the employee a report describing the nature of the deficiency in performance, the level of performance required to remove the deficiency, the date on which performance will be next reviewed and the possible discipline that can result if the deficiency is not removed.

(3) In the event that deficient performance is not corrected, reports to that effect and all orders of disciplinary action shall be filed with the Board.

(4) In the event that previously identified deficient performance has been corrected to the satisfaction of the department head, a report to this effect shall be filed with the Board.

Rules & Regulations