Civil Service

Civil Service - Rules & Regulations

​RULE I - ORGANIZATION OF CIVIL SERVICE BOARDCity Charter, Chapter XVI, Section 1: There is hereby created and established a Civil Service Board to be composed of five members who shall be qualified taxpaying citizens of the City of Dallas and a number of adjunct members who shall have qualifications established by the City Council. Biennially in August of each odd-numbered year, the City Council shall appoint the members and adjunct members to serve for two years and until their successors have been appointed and qualified and the mayor shall designate one member as Chair. The adjunct members shall not have voting privileges on matters to be determined by the Civil Service Board but shall perform such duties as prescribed for them by this Charter. The members and adjunct members of the Civil Service Board shall not hold any other position under the City, County, or State government. The City Council may remove any member or adjunct member of the Board upon stating in writing the reasons for removal and allowing the member or adjunct member an opportunity to present a defense. Any vacancies on the Board shall be filled by the City Council for the unexpired term. RULE II - RULES AND REGULATIONS OF CIVIL SERVICE BOARDSection 1. City Charter, Chapter XVI, Section 2: Immediately after appointment the Board shall organize by electing one of the members Vice-Chairman. The Board shall also appoint a Secretary, who shall not be a member of the Board, and such assistants and employees to positions as the City Council may establish.Section 2. City Charter, Chapter XVI, Section 4: The Civil Service Board, subject to the approval of the City Council shall adopt, amend and enforce a Code of Rules and Regulations providing for appointment and employment in all positions in the Classified Service, which shall have the force and effect of law; also rules regulating reduction in force of employees and in what order they shall be dismissed and reinstated; shall make investigation concerning the enforcement and effect of this section of the Charter and of the rules adopted under the powers herein granted. It shall make an annual report to the City Council at the end of each fiscal year, giving a complete statement of the Board's activities and containing such recommendations with regard to improving the efficiency of the Civil Service as it may deem advisable. RULE III - DUTIES OF SECRETARYSection 1. It shall be the duty of the Secretary, subject to the direction of the Civil Service Board, to keep the minutes of all proceedings of the Civil Service Board and have charge of and be responsible for the safe keeping of the books, records, papers and other property in its office, make such certifications of those eligible for appointment or employment as the Civil Service Board may direct, maintain efficiency records, prepare or supervise the preparation of all examinations, and the grading of papers submitted as the result of examinations, and such other duties as the Civil Service Board may designate or as may be necessary not inconsistent with the City Charter. RULE IV - UNCLASSIFIED AND CLASSIFIED SERVICESection 1. The Civil Service of the City is hereby divided into the ÒUnclassifiedÓ and ÒClassifiedÓ service, to-wit:(1) The Unclassified Service shall include:(a) The directors of departments, assistant directors of departments, and other managerial personnel as designated by the rules of the Board;(b) City Auditor, City Secretary, Corporation Court Clerk, Secretary of the Civil Service Board;(c) Manager of Martin Luther King Center Public Health Nursing Supervisor Public Health Administrator Environmental Science Manager Manager of Animal Control Manager of Air and Water Quality Manager of Office of Minority Business Opportunities Assistant City Controller Cash and Debt Administrator Risk and Insurance Manager Court Systems Administrator Automotive Fleet Manager Manager of Automotive Technical Support Development Administrator Deputy Chief of Police Deputy Chief of Fire Market Administrator Benefits Administrator Field Operations Superintendent Deputy Director of Water Human Services Program Manager Manager of Housing Assistance Manager of Business Assistance Manager of Radio Communications Manager of Planning & Development Administration Chief Zoning Planner Manager of Systems Programming Systems Program Auditor-Supervisor Manager of Procurement Manager of Office Services Manager of Systems and Utility Management Deputy Tax Assessor/Collector Manager of Subdivision/Annexation Manager of Consumer Affairs Manager of Health & Human Services Administration & Planning Manager of Security, Police Department

(d) Labor class which shall include all ordinary unskilled labor.

(2) The Classified Service shall include all positions not exempted or otherwise designated according to the Charter. There shall be in the Classified Service two (2) classes to be known as the Competitive Class and the Non-Competitive Class, to-wit:

(a) The Competitive Class shall include all positions and employment for which it is practical to determine the merit and fitness of the applicant by competitive examination.

(b) The Non-Competitive Class shall consist of all positions requiring peculiar and exceptional qualifications of a scientific, managerial, professional or educational character, as may be determined by the rules of the Board.

Section 2. 
City Charter, Chapter XVI, Section 9: The Legal Department, City Manager's Office, the Library Department, the Park and Recreation Department, the Radio Department, the Transit System, Corporation (Municipal) Court Judges, and the City Council office staff are exempted from the provisions applicable to the Civil Service.

Section 3. 
No person shall willfully make any false statement, certificate, mark, rating or report in regard to any test, certification or appointment under the personnel system or Civil Service provisions of this Charter or the rules and regulations made thereunder, or in any manner commit or attempt to commit any fraud preventing the impartial execution of such provisions, rules and regulations. No person who seeks ppointment or promotion with respect to any City position shall directly or indirectly, give render or pay any money, service or other valuable thing to any person for or in connection with his test, appointment, proposed appointment, promotion or proposed promotion. (City Charter, Chapter XVI, Section 17)

Section 4. 
No person shall be appointed to, demoted or dismissed from any position, or in any way discriminated against with respect to employment because of political or religious opinions or because of race, color, sex or national origin. Discrimination on the basis of age or physical disability will be prohibited except where age or physical requirements constitute a bona fide occupational qualification necessary to proper and efficient administration.

Rules & Regulations