Civil Service

Civil Service - Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations


Section 1. 
To conform with State law, police officers and fire officers receive monthly longevity pay for each year of service up to and including twenty-five years of service.


Section 1. 
When requests for certification are made for employees of a certain classification and there is not an eligible register for that classification and, if there is no one available for such position, meaning no one who is on leave of absence or who has resigned or who has been laid off on account of lack of work, if an eligible can be found on any existing suitable Civil Service list to perform the necessary duties, such eligible must be given preference in the temporary or provisional appointments over anyone who is not on any eligible register for such temporary or permanent position.


Section 1. 
Those employees who have been appointed to positions in the Classified Service, whose tenure of office may or may not depend upon the issuance of warrants of appointment, and who have served their probationary period, shall, at the end of each fiscal year, be eligible for continuous employment in the same position which they are holding at that time, subject to such Civil Service Rules and Regulations as may be in force at that time, or from time to time promulgated.


Section 1. 
A. Reinstatement from Military Leave.

Permanent employees who leave their positions for the purpose of entering any branch of the Armed Forces of the United States and who have been deemed eligible for military leave under the Personnel Rules will be re-employed in the same or a position similar to that he or she occupied at the time of entry into military service provided they are discharged with five years from the date of enlistment or call to active service.

B. Return to City Service.

To avail himself or herself of the privileges provided under this policy, a City employee:

(a) Shall have served honorably in the Armed Forces.

(b) Shall be mentally and physically fit.

(c) Shall make application for return to duty with the City of Dallas within 90 days except as follows:

(1) An employee who, as a member of a Reserve or National Guard Unit is ordered to active duty by the President of the United States for an indefinite period of time has ninety days to reapply for employment upon expiration of his active duty service;

(2) An employee who, as a member of the Reserve or National Guard, is involuntarily ordered to active duty for training for a period of three to six months has thirty-one days to reapply for employment upon expiration of his active duty service; and

(3) An employee who, as a member of the Reserve or National Guard, is ordered to active duty for fifteen days summer encampment, week-end drills, disaster duty, or other similar duties, must return to his regular employment on the next regular working day following his release.

C. Probationary Employees.

Employees who have not completed their probationary period when they enter the military service will, upon their return, resume their probationary period at the point it was interrupted by military service.

D. Promotions.

Any employee whose name was on the eligible promotional register at the time of entry into the Armed Forces within the terms of this resolution shall have his name kept on said register in the same position.


Section 1. 
In all entrance examinations, in addition to all other credits, a credit of five points shall be allowed to all persons, male or female, who have served in the Armed Forces of the United States of America and who have been honorably discharged or placed on the reserve list; such credit to be allowed only in case applicant makes a passing grade in the examination. No credit shall be allowed in case of general, undesirable or any kind of discharge other than honorable.

Rules & Regulations