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Civil Service - Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations


Section 1. 
The Civil Service Board acknowledges the right of City employees to organize and join or refrain from joining an organization for the purpose of representation. The Board further recognizes the right of public employees to present grievances through the procedure as specified in the Personnel Rules of the City of Dallas.


Section 1. 
Unless the public notices of an examination specify a particular sex both men and women may apply for examination.

Section 2. 
A. Each applicant shall answer all questions and furnish all information as required in the form or forms of application which shall have been approved by the Civil Service Board.

B. The Civil Service Board is authorized to establish and announce the necessary minimum qualifications deemed essential to the various services as preliminary to examination for employment and promotion therein. These qualifications may vary in the respective services and may be revised from time to time as the judgment of the Civil Service Board may determine, may include requirements as to education, training, and experience, may prescribe limitations as to age, height, and weight, and other physical qualifications deemed necessary for the particular service applied for.

Section 3. 
In addition to the information required on the approved forms of application each applicant shall submit to such physical examination and tests as shall be deemed necessary by the Civil Service Board to determine the fitness of applicants for the position applied for. (See Rules XXIII and XXIV for minimum requirements for Police and Fire Department applicants)

Section 4. 
Reserved for future use.

Section 5. 
No recommendation or question under the authority of these rules shall relate to the religious or political opinions or affiliations of any person whatsoever; neither shall such opinions be considered by the Civil Service Board in its examinations.

Section 6. 
A. The Civil Service Board may refuse to examine applicants, or after examination may refuse to certify as eligible, or after certification may remove applicant's name from the register and the reason shall be endorsed on the application, of any who are found to lack any of the established preliminary requirements for the position for which they apply; or who are physically unfit for the performance of the duties of the position to which they seek appointment; or who are addicted to the use of intoxicating beverages to excess, or to the use of cocaine, morphine, or other habits; or who have been found guilty of any crime or misdemeanor involving moral turpitude or disgraceful conduct; or who have been dismissed from the public service for inefficiency, delinquency or misconduct; or whose performance rating was below standard at the time of resignation; or who have intentionally made a false statement of any material fact; or have practiced or attempted to practice any deception or fraud in their applications, in their examination or in securing their eligibility or appointment; or whose character shall, in the opinion of the Civil Service Board, be unsatisfactory. If under charges, the charges must be disposed of prior to examination or certification.

B. Any of the foregoing disqualifications shall be good cause for striking the employee's name from the eligible register and voiding his/her appointment.

C. Except in classes where U.S. citizenship is required to conform with minimum standards established under state law, any lawfully admitted resident alien shall be eligible to file application for permanent employment in the Classified Service and shall have opportunity for employment equal to that afforded any U.S. citizen.

Section 7. 
Applications must be filed in the office of the Civil Service Board not later than the filing date specified in the examination announcement and shall be complete at the time of filing.

Section 8. 
Any person who has resigned or hereafter resigns under charges, or who has been or may hereafter be dismissed upon charges, shall not, without special vote of the Civil Service Board, be admitted to examination for any position in the Municipal Service; provided, however, that any such person who has resigned or who resigns under charges involving moral turpitude, shall not be eligible for reemployment by the City of Dallas. (See Rule XVI, Section 5)

Section 9. 
No application for any examination shall remain on file for more than one year from the date of said application.

Section 10. 
No classified employee will be permitted to work under the supervision of.


Section l. 
Notice of competitive examinations to be held shall be given by advertisement in appropriate publications in general circulation within the city the official publication of the City of Dallas designated for publication of notices, at least one week prior to such examination and by posting notices in the office of the Civil Service Board and elsewhere as the Civil Service Board may think advisable, except that when it has been difficult to recruit for any classification the Board may authorize immediate examination and certification of applicants without waiting to determine whether other applications may be filed later in the week.


Section 1. 
The actual conduct of every examination shall be under the direction of the Civil Service Board, or its designated examiners, free from the presence, participation or influence of any person other than the examiners or experts employed by the Civil Service Board.

Section 2. 
All examinations shall be impartial, fair, and practical and designed to test the relative qualifications and fitness of applicants to discharge the duties of the particular position which they seek to fill. No question in any examination shall relate to the political or religious convictions or affiliations of the applicant.

Section 3. 
A. The Civil Service Board is authorized to prescribe and prepare the nature, type, and extent of examinations deemed necessary to test the relative qualifications fitness of applicants for the respective services, both as to general intelligence and specific information.

B. Such examinations shall require a general report as to health and physical fitness for service from all applicants and may also include special physical tests and examinations for policemen, firemen, and other services where such tests are deemed advisable for any particular service.

C. In examinations for positions in the skilled labor service, candidates may be examined as to their knowledge of a trade, craft, or useful art by practical tests or written examination.

D. The Secretary, acting for the Civil Service Board, shall establish an examination scoring schedule for each examination such that, under provisions of selection guidelines and professional standards, the resultant reported scores correspond in range and precision to the design of the examination.

E. The Civil Service Board shall issue and amend minimum specifications for the various employments of the Classified Service.

Section 4. 
At the request of the Civil Service Board, it shall be the duty of the heads of departments through the City Manager to furnish a specific and comprehensive statement in writing of the requirements of the positions in their respective departments subject to Civil Service regulations.

Section 5. 
The Civil Service Board, shall have the power, whenever in its judgment the interests of the public service require it, to order a re-examination of applicants for any position, and shall have the power to correct, amend, or revoke any schedule, register, or other paper or record whereit appears that an error or injustice has been done, or where any person, whose name appears upon the eligible register, has for any reason become incapacitated for appointment in the publice service, to strike such name from said register. The reason for such action shall be recorded in full in the minutes of the Civil Service Board.

Section 6. 
No applicant shall be admitted to any examination after any candidate has withdrawn or left the place of examination.

Rules & Regulations