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​Multi-Tenant Owners and Managers

Any per​son who owns, operates or controls a multi-tenant property is required to register at least thirty days before expiration of the prior year’s registration or upon taking ownership or control of the property. Additionally, multi-tenant properties must be inspected at least once every three years. For detailed information regarding minimum housing standards please refer to Chapter 27 of the Dallas City Code.

Code Compliance Self-Certification Program

Code Compliance Services' Self-Certification program exists to provide high-scoring and compliant properties the opportunity to operate with minimal disruption from graded/ comprehensive inspections while allowing city staff to focus on properties with greater need. In December 2021, Dallas City Council amended Ch. 27-42 of the Dallas City Code for the incorporation of the Self-Certification program.

To qualify for the self-certification program, multi-family  rental properties must score a 90 or higher on an initial graded inspection.  Multi-family properties will be required to abate all violations discovered during inspection to qualify.


What Does Code Look for During an Apartment Inspection


Multi - Tenant Frequently Asked Questions

HOA and Condominium Association FAQs

VGOV Registration Guide

To obtain more information about this program call  214-670-5708.

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Program Requirements Checklist

The following are required of Multi-Tenant Properties in the City of Dallas:

*Items marked with an asterisk must be displayed to the public. Failure to do so will result in an Administrative Failure. An Administrative Failure occurs during a Graded Inspection when the property fails the inspection due to failure to have or display at any time required documentation, including, but not limited to: permits, notices, licenses, records, or certificates of occupancy. An Administrative Failure will result in an invoice of $86 per the total number of units on the property.

* An owner who enters into a written lease shall, upon the occupant's request, provide the occupant with a written lease in the occupant's primary language, if the primary language is English, Spanish, or Vietnamese* 

The Multi-Tenant Inspection Program applies to the following properties:​

  • Properties with three or more dwelling units on a lot that are five years of age or older
  • Lodging or boarding houses
  • Group residential facilities
  • Extended stay hotels or motels

*Registration and inspection are not required if no dwelling units in the multi-tenant property are leased or offered for lease. An Annual Exemption Affidavit must be submitted by either the property owner or the ​owner’s agent in order to be in compliance with Sec. 27-30 of the Dallas City Code.


The Dallas City Council has passed a Multifamily Recycling Ordinance which goes into effect for all multi-family properties with 8 or more units, and all haulers collecting and transporting recyclable material within Dallas city limits, on January 1, 2020.

Reference guides, informational meetings for apartment owners and recycling haulers, and other resources to explain the ordinance, its provisions, and requirements are in development and will be posted at soon.  

For updates, please register using this link.