Sanitation Services

Residential Recycling Collection

The Department of Sanitation Services is the exclusive recycling collection service provider for single-family homes and duplexes in the city of Dallas.  Commercial and multi-family properties may request collection services from the Department of Sanitation, or may elect service from a private solid waste hauler that is authorized to conduct business within the city. 

Please read the information below regarding the service rules and to find your collection schedule.

Recycling and reducing waste in Dallas is easy!  To learn more about diverting waste and what happens to your recycling, visit this link.

Download the complete Sanitation Services Guide here (en español aquí) . This guide gives a comprehensive review of Sanitation's collection services, rates and fees, brush and bulky item collection, and more.

Collection Frequency

Residential recycling is collected once per week. To find your day of service, Click Here and enter your address.


Please place your roll cart facing the point of collection and allow for 3 feet of space on all sides from any obstructions (e.g. fence, gas meter, telephone pole, utility box, tree, shrub, additional collection container, or other potential obstruction).

All recyclable material should be placed directly in the recycling roll cart without being bagged. There should be no bags or boxes on top of the roll cart or on the side of the roll cart. Your roll cart must be placed at the curb in front of your residence (or in approved alleyways) by 7 a.m. the morning of your collection day (no earlier than 6 p.m. the evening before). The roll cart must not be blocked by vehicles, objects, or overhanging tree limbs and it should be brought in no later than 8 a.m. on the day following collection day. 

Remember to break down cardboard boxes to create space in your recycling roll cart.

Alley Service Criteria

Items Accepted


Missed Collection

If your roll cart is not serviced by 8 p.m. on your regularly scheduled collection day, please Click Here and answer a few questions to report the missed pickup.  Roll carts not set out in time for collection will not be collected until the following week.

In the event a customer submits a service request claiming regular collection services were not provided, but Sanitation later determines through vehicle on-board cameras that the rollcart(s) in question were not set out at the prescribed time of collection or did not comply with collection requirements, a collection fee of $25 for garbage and $25 for recyclable materials may be assessed to the dwelling unit's utility account.  (Effective 10/1/22, see Dallas City Code Section 18-9 (c)(5)(B))

Additional Roll Carts

Effective October 1, 2022, the owner or occupant of a dwelling unit with one rollcart for recyclable materials may request one additional rollcart for recyclable materials from the director of sanitation for no additional fee. Dwelling units with two or more rollcarts for recyclable materials may request additional rollcarts for recyclable materials for a one-time processing and handling fee for $50.00 per rollcart, which will be applied to the dwelling unit’s water account. 

An additional recycle roll cart can be requested online, by Clicking Here

Roll Cart Options


To see garbage and recycling roll cart options, Click Here.

To order a gray garbage roll cart, please Click Here. You can also use the online service request form and select the Service Type: Garbage Roll Cart. A recycling roll cart can be ordered free of charge, by clicking Click Here to order the roll cart online. 

Roll Cart Repairs and Replacement

If your cart is damaged, please Click Here to request for repairs or replacements. You can also use the online service request form, and select the Service Type: Recycling Roll Cart. The City will repair minor damage from normal use. Any cart with damages as a result of abuse or neglect by the property owner will be replaced at a charge of $70.81 per cart.

Additional Information

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The Zero Waste team is available to virtually speak about recycling and reducing waste at your next HOA meeting, club meeting, etc. For more information and to schedule a speaker please EMAIL us your request. The PowerPoint that will be presented can also be found HERE.