Sanitation Services

Electronics Recycling

Recycle Electronics.pngItems Accepted for Electronics Recycling

- Computer Monitors
- ​Console Televisions
​- Flat Screen Televisions
- ​​Computers
​- CRT Television Sets
- ​Laptops
- Flat Screen Monitors
- ​Printers
- ​Office Phones
- ​Projection Televisions 
- ​Keyboards
​- Mice
- ​Camcorders
- ​VCR Players
​- Electronic Toys
- ​Copiers
​- Kitchen Electronic
- ​Scanners
- ​Docking Stations
​- Computer Fans
​- Speakers
- ​Microwaves
​- Remote Controls
- ​DVD Players
- ​Radios
- ​Stereos
- ​DVR’s
- ​Faxes
- ​Cameras
​- GPS Navigation
- ​Receivers
- ​Walkie-Talkies
​- CD Players
​- Games Consoles
- ​Cable Boxes
- ​Cell Phones
​- Digital Converters
- ​Satellite Receivers
​- Tablets
​- Small Servers
​- MP3’s
- ​Pagers
- ​Routers
​- Calculators

Dallas residents can drop off electronics at the McCommas Bluff Landfill or one of the three Sanitation transfer stations. Visit the Landfill & Transfer Stations page for addresses, hours of operation for residential drop off, and other important information. Electronics are processed by URT which is e-Stewards certified.

Businesses seeking to dispose of electronics that are still in working order may consider donation to a non-profit which might have use for them.  If they are no longer in working order or a suitable recipient cannot be found, there are electronic recycling companies that will take these items for a fee.  The links below are provided for further assistance.

Visit the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) website for recycling options offered by 
computer and television manufacturers. All computer and television manufacturers are required to offer recycling options for the equipment they produce.

TX Recycles CPUs 1.png                          TX Recycles Tvs.jpg

Search for local companies that will recycle electronics (e.g. cell phones, laptops, tablets, cameras, etc.). Some stores, such as Staples and Bestbuy offer trade-ins for certain electronics that are good condition.