Sanitation Services

About Sanitation Services


The Department of Sanitation Services' mission is to operate a clean, green, and efficient integrated solid waste management system for the residents of Dallas while supporting the City’s vision to achieve a sustainable future.


Our vision is to be a best-in-class and resilient integrated solid waste management agency, continually advancing progress toward Zero Waste, in alignment with the City’s Comprehensive Environmental and Climate Action Plan.

Programs and Services​

In addition to providing recycling and solid waste collection service for approximately 250,000 customers, the Department of Sanitation Services operates McCommas Bluff Landfill and 3 transfer stations through its Post-Collection Operations Division.


Clifton Gillespie is the Interim Director of Sanitation.  Click here to learn more about Cliff and the executive management team.

Sanitation Services Monthly Rate 

Residential Rate
Sales Tax $   2.95
Total $38.76

​​​as of 10/1/2022

Environmental Management System

An Environmental Management System (EMS) is the business system of “plan, do, check and act” applied to the management of environmental issues.

Sanitation Services is committed to continual improvement in its environmental performance and the prevention of pollution. To see more information about Sanitation Services’ commitment to the environment, click here.