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The Dallas City Council has passed an ordinance which goes into effect for all multi-family properties with 10 or more units, and all haulers collecting and transporting recyclable material within Dallas city limits.  The Multifamily Recycling Ordinance  supports Dallas’s Zero Waste goal by requiring affected property owners to ensure that tenants and employees have access to convenient recycling.

By January 1, 2020, all multi-family properties with 10 or more units will be required to provide recycling services to their tenants and employees. Click to here to register for updates.

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Starting a Recycling Program

When starting a recycling program for the first time or evaluating the current program, there are some questions that should be considered. Choosing a recycling provider is a major decision when it comes to starting a recycling program, so we have supplied a few questions to ask when deciding on a recycling provider. 
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Recycling Ordinance

The Multifamily Recycling Ordinance that was passed by the Dallas City Council can be found 
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Authorized Haulers

A list of waste haulers that are currently approved to work in the City of Dallas in compliance with the Multifamily Recycling can be found 

To become an authorized hauler, please fill out this online form to begin the process.
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Upcoming Workshops

Sign up for workshops in order to help make informed decisions when it comes to how to best set up and maintain a recycling program.  
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