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​Single Family Rental Outreach Meetings

​Dallas Code Compliance is updating the City's Single-Family Rental Program and would like to inform renters about proposed changes.  The Single-Family Rental Program is designed to ensure rental properties follow the City's minimum housing standards to protect the health, safety, and welfare of Dallas residents. This is a continuation of a series of meetings that sought community feedback on the current system. The new meetings will showcase how the feedback received in August was implemented into the city program.  Learn what your rights and responsibilities as a renter are at one of our upcoming Single-Family Rental meetings. Click here to see what will be presented at the meetings.  For questions, contact Felicia Flye-Lewis at

Feb. 4th: District 5 
Feb. 6th: District 8Feb. 7th​: District  7Feb. 11th​: Districts 1 & 3
​Feb. 13th: District 4
Feb. 20th: Districts 10-12
​Feb. 25th: Districts 2, 6, 13 & 14
Feb. 27th: District 9

FAQ: How to report a fair-housing compliant

FAQ: Single-Family Rental Program 

Chapter 27 Reference Manual

Chapter 27 Property Standards

To report a Rental property concern

Single Family Rental Registration 
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