Court & Detention Services

You have 21 days from when the citation was issued to appear. You may make your appearance online, by mail, by telephone, and in person. Live Chat and email do not satisfy an appearance. If you fail to make your appearance within the 21 days, you are subject to added fines, fees, and possible warrants for your arrest. Civil citations have 31 days to appear. If you are unsure which type of citation you received, you can contact the Court before the 21 days expires to verify.

Attorney & Prosecution

Attorney Letter of Representation & Bonds:


At 4:00 p.m, the front windows stop taking all attorney paperwork.


Letters of representation are only accepted by mail and in person at the Court. Phone, email, fax, or live chat or not options to file paperwork.


If you have hired an attorney to represent your case(s), the Court will communicate all matters through the attorney. Contact the attorney's office for advisement or status of your citation(s).

All letters of representation WITHIN the 21 days must include:

  • Law office name, address, and telephone number;
  • Copy of bar card;
  • Signed by the attorney and not legal assistant;
  • Name, address and phone number of the person you are representing;
  • Citation number for each case you are representing (up to 10 cases);
  • A new letter of representation for each defendant.

All letters of representation AFTER the 21 days must include:

  • Letter of representation (see above);
  • Bond(s) (for each case);
  • Must be signed by the defendant;
  • Must be notarized;
  • Name, address and phone number of the person you are representing;
  • A new letter of representation and bond for each defendant.



Dallas Municipal Court 

2014 Main St. 

Dallas, TX 75201 

The Court uses the postmark date on the letter (stamped by the postal service) as the received date. Mailing certified is recommended but is not required. The Court will provide a response by mail.



Dallas Municipal Court 

2014 Main St. 

Dallas, TX 75201

For hours of operation: (Click Here)

Attorney Surety Bonds:

Attorney Surety bonds accepted from approved attorneys. **Attorney Surety bond(s) can be processed at the Dallas Marshal's Office 24 hours daily, seven (7) days a week including holidays if the defendant is in jail. ** (Click Here)

Surety Bond Barcode Judicial Order (Click Here)

For Surety Bond's enter the Citation number and print the pdf document.

Surety Bond's Paperwork (Click Here) Example: (C12-123456-12)

(NOTE: At this time, please use Internet Explorer to enter and print the pdf bond form.)

You must have Adobe Reader. Get Adobe Reader for Windows / Get Adobe Reader for other systems

To review citation(s), status, or balances (Click Here).  Example: ( C12123456 Do not enter the dash) (Warrants will appear in red) 


Attorney Motions:

At 4:00 pm, the front windows stop taking all attorney paperwork.

You may file a motion, by mail and in-person at the Court with picture identification. You may not file motions by phone, email, fax, or live chat.


A pre-trial hearing will be conducted pursuant to article 28.01 of the C.C.P, and therefore all pre-trial motions must be filed in writing at least seven days before the pre-trial date. You must provide three (3) copies of the paperwork and deliver one to the windows, one to the prosecution office and one to the judiciary.


All motions will be reviewed and ruled upon by the Judge. Please allow the Court 3-4 weeks to contact you.