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Parking Ticket Appeal Process:

If you are not satisfied with the results of your adjudication hearing, the registered owner or the driver of the vehicle may appeal in person to the Dallas Municipal Court within 30 calendar days after the date the hearing officer's order is issued (file date on the hearing record).

You may request to appeal in person at:

Dallas Municipal Court 

2014 Main St. 

Dallas, TX 75201


For hours of operation: (Click Here)

Forms that are required by the City of Dallas Parking Ordinance to file an appeal:

  • A petition to appeal form, (Click Here) (1 page); 

  • A $15.00 filing fee (*refundable only if the hearing officer's order is reversed).

Forms that are not required, but is strongly encouraged to bring to help ensure a timely process:  

  • Copy of the violation; 

  • Copy of the hearing record.