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​Facility Management

The Facility Management division is comprised of two sub-groups - Facility Management Architecture & Engineering and Facility Management Operations.

Facility Management Architecture & Engineering
Facility Management Architecture & Engineering provides oversight and management of City facility design and construction and energy management. Design and construction management services are provided to several general fund departments, as well as the Aviation and Convention and Event Services capital improvement programs. In addition, Facility Management Architecture & Engineering oversees the removal, design, construction, and installation of underground/above ground storage tanks in coordination with the Office of Environmental Quality to comply with local, state, and Federal regulations.

Facility Management Operations
Facility Management Operations performs operations, maintenance, and repairs of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and roofing systems for approximately 750 Dallas owned or leased facilities. The division is broken into four distinct districts; Arts, East, West, and Central. Facility Management Operations provides records management for tracking labor and material costs and maintains accurate logs of all open and closed work requests. Additionally, Facility Management Operations develops contract specifications and bid documents for procurement to obtain bids and present awards for building repairs/services. 

Special Events
Facility Management Operations assists with special events at City Hall by providing security and room set up services for press conferences, large meetings, and other special events at City Hall.

Facility Management Operations provides security services for 10 City facilities with in-house and contracted security services.  Facility Management Operations also provides safe and secure facilities for citizens and City employees by reducing the potential for serious incidents and crime.